Advanced control methods based on FPGA structures

Project ID: APVV-0772-12
Name: Advanced control methods based on FPGA structures
Project duration: 1.10.2013-30.9.2017
Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Alena Kozáková, PhD.

The project deals with research and development of advanced control methods based on HW implementation of conventional (PID) as well as modern optimal, robust and predictive algorithms applicable in control of plants with fast dynamics. Predominating approaches in the research of modern control systems implementation are microprocessor-based solutions (software approach), ASIC (dedicated approach) and the FPGA based approach. Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA) are configurable circuits of very-large-scale-integration (VLSI) able to integrate various logical and control functions. In general, HW implementations of control algorithms are faster by several orders compared with SW implementations due to parallel processing of information; moreover they are more compact and also less expensive. The main objective of the project is research and development of FPGA-based control algorithms. Their research and development will be studied on available FPGA development kits and verified on laboratory plants with fast dynamics.