Joint Laboratories of Automotive Mechatronics at the FEI STU


The specialized newly built joint laboratories at FEI STU were established for education of students in the study programs Automotive Electronics (Bc.), Applied Mechatronics (MSc.) and Automotive Mechatronics (MSc.).


The laboratories are materially supplied from joint resources of the FEI STU and the supporters: Schneider Electric Slovakia, s.r.o., PSA Peugeot Citroën Slovakia, and Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s. – supplyers of mechtronic components, systems and equipment. Teaching modules for automotive mechatronics were provided by the LITO –DIDAKTIC company.

Characteristics and utilization of the joint laboratories:

Laboratories are intended for teaching courses in automotive mechatronics, electronics, and applied mechatronics. They are equipped with modules of functional parts of modern automotive mechatronic systems that can be connected to a distributed networked control and communication system. Individual modules of mechanical and electronic components and systems of a car are linked to computer, sensor and actuator systems. On the walls of classrooms, functional tables ef electrical and electronic systems used in mechatronic applications will be placed. In the forward part of the laboratory, there will be a car for demonstrating functionalities of different components as well as control and dignostics of individual subsystems (ABS, ASR, navigation systems, combustion control, control unit of the motor) including all input and output signals.

Demonstrations activities in joint laboratories:

  • Trainings for PSA (for Schneider Electric) – 250 PSA workers within 4 years at 3 levels: experts, maintenance, operators)
  • Assembling – design algorithms, control and visualisation (welding, painting and assembly processes)
  • Diagnostics software design (fault diagnostic, components and subsystems, reconfiguration processes)

Specialist Training Centre for PSA at FEI STU Bratislava – demonstration modules: