Broadband MEMS detector of terahertz radiaton

Project ID: APVV-14-0613
Name: Broadband MEMS detector of terahertz radiaton
Project duration: 2015 - 2018
Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Vladimír Kutiš, PhD.

The project is aimed on research and development of new types of broadband detectors for terahertz frequency range. This new type of detector is designed in a concept of micro-electro-mechanical system and uses the bolometric sensing principle. The design construction of the detector consists of a microbolometric sensing device coupled to a broadband antenna. Thermal conversion of the incident THz radiation takes place on a thin polyimide membrane which enables (a) to achieve high thermal conversion efficiency and (b) to design detectors with balanced amplitude characteristics even at high frequency range. The proposed MEMS detector concept will be optimized by a sophisticated process of modeling and simulation in direct mutual iteration with experimental analysis of functionality and detection capability. The completion of the project will be given by the developed state-of-the-art methodology of characterization, broadband THz detection and simulation of the MEMS detector device applicable in the research and education.