Computer aided robust nonlinear control design

Project ID: APVV-0343-12
Name: Computer aided robust nonlinear control design
Project duration: 1.10.2013-31.3.2017
Principal investigator: prof. Ing. Mikuláš Huba, PhD.

The project deals with development and introduction into practice of the computer aided system for design of robust constrained nonlinear control (in versions for Matlab/Simulink and web) and of the integrated electronic environment in LMS Moodle interconnecting the system with the project web page, with the elearning modules and with access to remote experiments enabling its online verification. The system will be based on a new robust control method based on constraining deviations from required shapes of the input, output, or state variables. This is holistically integrating several up to now isolated control design approaches - the traditional PID control, modern state & disturbance observer approach, minimum time control, nonlinear control, control of systems with long dead time and robust control. The developed system is intended for a broad class of uncertain and nonlinear plants that represent a majority of all applications in practice. The system will consist of a central work station enabling a sufficiently fast generation of the so called performance portrait of given plant with a considered type of control, from a repository of generated performance portraits and from graphical terminals enabling by means of specifying parameters of given plant and the required shape-related performance measures to determine the optimal controller tuning guaranteeing the fastest possible transients responses in the control loop under consideration of the given uncertainties.