Electronic educational-experimental laboratories of Mechatronics

Project ID: 011STU-4/2015
Name: Electronic educational-experimental laboratories of Mechatronics
Project duration: 2015-2017
Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Peter Drahoš, PhD.
Website: http://uamt.fei.stuba.sk/kega/

"The project deals with the creation of modern knowledge and experimental basis for education in Mechatronics Engineering with the emphasis on electronic components. Due to the fact that mechatronics integrates several fields of knowledge and their junction yields a synergy effect, new methods and forms of eduation will be elaborated within the project allowing students to acquire new knowledge combined with practical experience in using modern electronic components and systems; such systems are integral parts of complex pervasive mechatronic systems (in consumer electronics, energy and automotive industries, healthcare). Inspiration for elaboration of the proposed project was launching of new study programs ""Automotive Mechatronics"" (Bachelor degree), and ""Applied Mechatronics and Electromobility"" (Master degree). For these study programs electronic textbooks for 7 subjects will be created. To further increase quality of education and research, 5 new experimental workplaces are planned to be created within the project to according to the latest development trends electronics, sensing technology and control systems having multi-purpose exploitation in direct teaching, individual and team projects as well as in research and development activities of the Institute. The objective of the project is to increase professional competences of students, teachers and researchers, and all involved in the areas: advanced sensors and MEMS, smart materials based actuators, electric traction motors, microcontrollers and digital signal processors (DSP´s) for embedded control systems and signal processing, design of control algorithms and their programming, electronics and integrated circuits (ASICs) for mechatronics. Another important sub-objective is to acquire wide competences in communication systems for various application areas of mechatronic systems, in particular in automotive industry. Modern audiovisual systems, web pages and multimedia processed videos will be widely used to support project results.