Research of nonuniform torsion of cross-sections

Project ID: 1/0453/15
Name: Research of nonuniform torsion of cross-sections
Project duration: 2015-2017
Principal investigator: prof. Ing. Justín Murín, DrSc.

The project aim is to examine the effects of non-uniform torsion in thin-walled beams with closed cross-section by numerical methods and experimental measurements on physical models. A 3D beam finite element will be created including the non-uniform torsion with the secondary torsion moment deformation effect. The stiffness and mass matrix will be prepared for a homogeneous material as well as for composite beams with longitudinal variation of material properties. Derived relations and equations will be implemented in the computer programs for elastic-static and modal analyses. Measurement equipment will be designed, by which the results of theoretical calculations by the new finite elements will be verified. It is expected that the results of the project will contribute to review the arguments of the Eurocode 3, according to which the effect of non-uniform torsion can be neglected in the closed cross-section beams. The results of the project are intended to enhance the safety of the beam structures design.