Support of international mobilites between STU Bratislava, NTNU Trondheim, and Universität Liechtenstein

Grant scheme: Program EHP Slovakia – Mobility projects among universities – EEA/EHP-SK06-II-01
Project ID: SK06-II-01-004
Duration: 2.6.2015 - 30.9.2016
  • Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava: UAMT FEI STU (prof. Huba coordinator), UAMAI SjF STU (prof. Rohaľ-Iľkiv), UIAM FCHPT STU (prof. Fikar), DBS SvF STU (doc. Rabenseifer)
  • Norwegian University of Science and Technology Trondheim (prof. Skogestad, prof. Johansen, prof. Hovd)
  • Universität Liechtenstein, Liechtenstein (prof. Droege)
The aim of the project is to support international mobility of students, PhD students, and staff members of four participating faculties of STU in Bratislava with partners from NTNU Trondheim and Universität Liechtenstein. It will initiate academic cooperation between the University of Liechtenstein and STU Bratislava in construction, architecture, and space planning, focusing on the use of alternative energy sources in operation of buildings, including computer-aided simulations of energy needs and internal environment, and spatial planning of rural settlements as well. The project also contributes to further strengthening of already existing cooperation between NTNU Trondheim and faculties of STU in Bratislava in the field of advanced methods of automatic control and to progress of inter-faculty cooperation at STU in Bratislava.