Advanced Methods and Simulations of SMART Mechatronic Systems

Project ID: APVV-0246-12
Name: Advanced Methods and Simulations of SMART Mechatronic Systems
Project duration: 2013-2016
Principal investigator: prof. Ing. Justín Murín, DrSc.

In the first phase, attention will be given to the material, technical and equipment set-up required for the first set experiments. At the same time, the FGM-beam FEM equations will be derived and SMA models designed. In addition, the first sets of experiments will be used for the verification of numerical models of 3D-FGM and SMA systems. A complex verification of numerical models will take place on selected samples whose chemistry has been consistently analyzed. Results of SMA actuator measurements will be used in the consecutive stages of the project in the design and application of alternative anchoring for SMA actuators. Next the nonlinear model of SMA actuator and new methods of synthesis focused on position control and error elimination will be proposed. This research will take place in parallel with the theoretical analysis and FEM equations derivation of FGM shells. In the final stage, emphasis will be given to both the verification of the derived FGM beam-shell equations by real sample measurements and the control of the SMA actuator by conventional and intelligent methods.