Multimedial education in mechatronics

Project ID: 030STU-4/2015
Name: Multimedial education in mechatronics
Project duration: 2015-2017
Principal investigator: doc. Ing. Danica Rosinová, PhD.

Presently, interactive education forms based on exploitation of Internet, video, audiovisual aids and remote laboratories (on-line education) are world trends in modern and barrier-free education;
it is applied not only in distance education but in the attendance teaching as technology augmented classroom teaching. Along with slide-shows and educational miniapplications (dynamic websites,
flash animations, Java Applets etc.) research universities usually prefer to develop their own education videos targeted to the audience in a single course. Education videos are freely available and enable the students to follow the explanatory discourse on the subject topic anytime and anywhere. Design and realization of a comprehensible and interesting educational video on a technological field is a quite complex task requiring synergy of technical, educational and artistic qualities of its creators. The project deals with the multimedia support of education in mechatronics engineering, with the focus on applied informatics, automation and related fields. The objective of the project is to build a multimedia laboratory for creating high-quality educational videomaterial for both distance and attendance education in mechatronics engineering. Project outcomes will be further employed in life-long education of practitioners, and for popularization of mechatronics and automation among the public and potential university students of technology.